Are You A College Student Who Needs A Job? Here’s What You Need To Do

Are You A College Student Who Needs A Job? Here's What You Need To Do

Finding a job is a challenging task. It is even more difficult for people that are still in college. In most cases, college students have little experience when it comes to job hunting and handling interviews, so most of them often feel lost when trying to find a job. Apart from this, the kind of jobs that college students can take is entirely different from ordinary jobs. They often have to juggle school and work, making it almost impossible for them to work regular nine-to-five jobs. The good news is that a few tips can help college students find suitable...

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4 Effective Ways To Improve Your Academic Performance

4 Effective Ways To Improve Your Academic Performance

Academic performance is often a benchmark of a learner's success in any educational institution. It can be defined simply as the level to which a learner achieves their desired short or long-term academic goals. A student's GPA or academic record represents the overall academic performance of that learner. A person with an average GPA is likely to do well academically when they go to class regularly, pay attention to their lectures, take notes, do well in exams, and participate in class discussions.  Whatever academic level you’re in right now, you’ll always want to do well. It's not necessarily about being...

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Sleep Is Great For Retaining Learning Material: Don’t Deprive Yourself Of It

Sleep Is Great For Retaining Learning Material Don’t Deprive Yourself Of It

You’ve probably heard that you need to be getting more sleep. Most of us have encountered this idea at some point or another. No matter what we’re trying to improve in our lives, be it our relationships, school performance, work performance, mood, health, immunity, anxiety levels, weight, hormone health, or peace of mind, the verdict is clear: getting enough sleep can help. The following will explore in detail how and why sleep can help us with just one aspect of our life: our memory. This is particularly useful for those of us who need to be studying and remembering lots...

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Empower Your Kids With Toastmasters Public Speaking!

Empower Your Kids With Toastmasters Public Speaking

Empower Your Kids With Toastmasters Public Speaking!

Did you know that 70% of professions require some form of public speaking? Did you also know that 77% of individuals have a fear of this activity? Overcoming social anxieties can make a colossal difference in your child’s professional and educational success!

In fact, if your child attends a public or private school, they will be required to regularly answer questions in front of peers, give in-class presentations, take oral language assessments in their foreign language courses and even explain their methodology in science and math based assignments. Therefore, finding fun and engaging ways to normalize public speaking can lessen their trepidations, increase their confidence and better their chances for achievement!

Monster Education has two courses that can improve your child’s communication skills and allow them to build social connections along the way! Specifically, Public Speaking “Toastmasters” Style hones in on their oral presentation abilities and teaches them persuasive speaking and writing skills. Best of all, with the small class sizes of only four to six students, you can rest assured that the experience will ease them into the process of becoming a rhetoric champ!

What Is Toastmasters Public Speaking?

This is a popular style of public speaking that focuses on both prepared and impromptu presentations. The goal is to prepare individuals for leadership positions as well as conducting important discussions with groups. Monster Education offers a version of this in their Toastmasters online course for kids in 2nd through 7th grade.

This opportunity will provide your child with a supportive environment to convey their opinions and ideas and then engage with others about these topics. Toastmasters public speaking also details the proper way to research, organize and develop a convincing and informative speech. This knowledge is one of the key strategies to lessening the anxiety that many times comes with public speaking!

Why Public Speaking For Kids?

Public speaking utilizes both verbal and non-verbal communication. While we all know how to talk, being able to convey a message in a constructive, convincing and powerful way is a coveted skill. One that can provide opportunities for a person and open doors that may not be available to others.

It is also a fantastic way to build critical thinking abilities! Debate is a form of public speaking, which requires participants to make arguments based on the information being presented and their prior knowledge on the topic. This ability can come in handy in school as well as in life.

As a matter of fact, studies show that kids who can communicate effectively with others will have a better sense of self-worth. When you combine the aptitude for reasoning and the propensity for an improved self-esteem, you have a child who is less likely to be swayed by peer pressure! When you consider the fact that 90% of teens experience this type of negative influence, the concept of empowering your kids with the courage and ability to speak up is an extraordinary gift!

Not only that, but the best way to overcome any fear is to face it frequently in a controlled environment. Additionally, the earlier you address these types of feelings, the sooner you can conquer them!

Ways To Enhance These Skills At Home

The fundamental ability to weave together a message that leaves an imprint on others is a skill that is learned. Taking speech classes can jumpstart this ability and teach proper and effective presentation techniques. However, just like in any sport, without regular practice, your child will never be able to reach their true potential.

Therefore, it is also important to engage these competencies at home! Implementing active listening is the first step. If a child feels as if they are not being heard, then they are likely to experience self-doubt and lose momentum in their progress. Remember that without an audience, the speaker loses their power.

Listen More Intently

Active listening removes distraction and focuses the attention on the person presenting the thought. Moreover, just like in debate, it requires the other participant to take the given information, rephrase it and then give a retort. By hearing what your child has to say and building a conversation based off of those remarks, you will help to strengthen their assertiveness and teach them to stand behind their convictions.

Fuel Their Enthusiasm

Another way to build on your child’s public speaking training is to appeal to their passions. Everyone is more willing to talk if it is in reference to something that they care about! Thus, take the time to regularly inquire about their interests!

Let’s say they like ice skating. Ask questions about the sport! How does being on the ice make them feel? What do they like most about skating? What do they like least? Are there certain skills that are required to be good at this pastime? Who is their favorite skater?

By consistently engaging with your child about things they enjoy, they are more likely to let their guard down, open up and feel free to express opinions and share information. This is a subtle way of boosting their communication skills!

Meta Description: Public speaking gives your child the power to command a room, excel in school and even achieve professional success! Signing them up for Monster Education’s Toastmasters public speaking class can propel them ahead of their peers! Check out the benefits of this beneficial course.

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The Pros And Cons Of Studying At Your On-Campus Apartment

The Pros And Cons Of Studying At Your On-Campus Apartment

The college experience is often viewed as an essential component of a person's life and growth. Your image and expectations of college may include all-nighter study sessions, thought-provoking classroom discussions, and even wild weekend parties. Truth be told, there is no single experience that defines college. It isn't the same for every college or student. But your college experience can be enriched or ruined depending on a few factors. On-campus housing can be considered as one.  College students need to consider where they will live during this phase in their life. This is also a costly decision. Students who attend...

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