Useful Resources For College Students

Very Useful Resources For College Students

According to research by Temple University, nearly 1/3rd of all undergraduate college students live in a low-income situation, and 37% reported they do not have enough money to eat healthily on a daily basis. Apart from your needs of textbooks, ebooks, and audiobooks (which we can hopefully fulfill), a student nowadays may also require many more things. We get many emails asking us questions like: what are the best resources for university students? Which ebook reader should I use? How can I pay for textbooks via bitcoins? Therefore, we decided to compile resources and tools for students that may help...

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Best Literary Works Every Student Should Read

Best Literary Works Every Student Should Read

As students, one of the best things you can do is broaden your mind through literature. Regardless of what subject you are studying, reading classic literature, science fiction, and works from the world’s greatest writers can greatly help your development. There is a huge list of must-read books that can transform the way you think, and give you greater insight into the world, human nature, and the society we live in. In the below text, we give our tips and share with you seven particular renowned works that we believe every student should read: The Lord of the Rings by...

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10 Ways For Finding Grammar Mistakes While Writing An Essay

10 Ways For Finding Grammar Mistakes While Writing Essay

No one is safe from making mistakes, our brains are just wired to be susceptible to grammar slip-ups. In fact, most grammatical errors don't happen because one is being careless; they usually happen because one is focused on their writing much more than on the order of letters in a word. Just think about how quickly we need to access words and interpret meaning when writing a message or working on an essay. Errors don’t usually mean lack of knowledge, they happen rather because we are hyper-focused on conveying the meaning, which is a high-level task for our brains that...

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Writing Skills for College Students: Main Ways to Improve

Writing Skills for College Students - Ways to Improve

When students enroll in colleges, they open a world of avenues to prepare for their future in their chosen industry. Such academic institutions help scholars gain first-hand experience and apply their skills to real-life scenarios. As such, individuals who have attended college are more likely than not to succeed later in the future, thanks to an extensive education system.  Why writing skills are important for college students? While in college, students are required to study up on their subjects and present multiple essays as part of the academic course. This is why it is so important for improving writing skills...

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5 Techniques That Will Make Your Essay Grab Readers’ Attention

5 Techniques That Will Make Your Essay Grab Readers Attention

The first words in your essay or article play a very significant role as they determine whether you lose or grab your reader's attention. For this reason, your title, your first paragraph, your subtitles, and the rest of your paragraphs need to be written so well that your reader will want to keep reading your entire article or essay. For starters, what would first draw a reader to your article? The answer is your title. Although you may not realize it, you will likely click on the topic that sounds most enticing whenever you are looking for a certain topic...

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Becoming a Better Writer: The Best Resources and Tips on How to Improve Your Writing

Becoming a Better Writer - Best Resources Tips - How to Improve Your Writing

If you are willing to become a good writer, you have to understand that it might take a lot of time for you. But these days, this process can go much easier if you use the right tools and tips. On this page, you can find out everything you need to know about the best resources and recommendations on how to become a better writer, so don’t waste your time and start improving your skills now! Best Websites for Developing Better Writing Skills So what are the best websites and online services for improving your writing skills? There are many...

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Remote Education at the University: Pros and Cons

Remote Education at the University - Pros and Cons

Pre-COVID, schools offered online degrees to help learners maintain some sort of balance between work and education. Still, it was an option – catching on slowly, but still, just an option since most people favored an on-campus university education to this model.  The pandemic changed things completely, making it so that students no longer have the choice if they want to keep studying. Distance learning is the new normal, and it’s here to while from the look of things.   Is that a bad thing? Not entirely, since technology has improved so much these days. A student has access to...

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6 Tips To Help Make Remote Learning More Effective

Six Tips To Help Make Remote Learning More Effective

Remote learning is similar to regular learning in many ways. It needs checking that you understood the subject matter, reviewing your essays and assignments for clarity, and asking as many questions of the teacher as you can. However, remote learning has its own set of unique challenges, caused by the added dimension of distance.  Tables of Contents   Daily Routine   Focus   EdTech   Efficiency   Collaborate   Asking for help   Conclusion   Author's Bio Most students are used to learning in a classroom, even in schools that are tech-savvy, and employ a blended approach to teaching. With...

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