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  • Authors: Robert S. Siegler, Jenny Saffran, Nancy Eisenberg, Elizabeth Gershoff
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  • Length: 768 pages
  • Publisher: Worth Publishers; 6th edition
  • Publication date: December 20, 2019
  • Language: English
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  • ISBN-10: 1319184561, 1319269028, 1319269001
  • ISBN-13: 9781319184568, 9781319269029, 9781319269005


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Elizabeth Gershoff

Elizabeth Gershoff

Professor Elizabeth Gershoff, PhD, is the Amy Johnson McLaughlin Professor of Human Development and Family Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin, as well as the Director of the Population Research Center. Dr. Gershoff is a world-renowned authority on the effects of physical punishment on children, as well as the effects of family, school, neighbourhood, and policy contexts on children.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, and the National Science Foundation have all funded her research. She teaches courses on child development, children and public policy, and developmental contexts.

Jenny R. Saffran

Jenny R. Saffran

Dr.Jenny Saffran is a University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor of Psychology.
She is an expert in language acquisition and early cognitive development, as well as music cognition research. Dr. Saffran believes that language acquisition is based on general cognitive processes like statistical learning, and he has done multiple empirical investigations to back up his claim.

She graduated from Brown University with a B.A. and the University of Rochester with a Ph.D. Saffran is the daughter of cognitive neuropsychologist Eleanor Saffran and is married to fellow psychologist Seth Pollak.

Nancy Eisenberg

Nancy Eisenberg

Dr. Nancy Eisenberg is a Regents Professor in Arizona State University's Department of Psychology. Emotion regulation and its links to adjustment and socio-emotional competence; moral and emotional development: altruism, empathy; socialisation and cultural factors in emotion regulation/dysregulation, social competence, adjustment, and prosocial responding; and developmental psychopathology are some of her research interests.

Robert S. Siegler

Robert S. Siegler

Dr. Robert S. Siegler is a Professor of Cognitive Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University. He is the author of the cognitive development textbook Children's Thinking, as well as several other books on child development such as How Children Develop, which he has written or edited. His ebooks have been published in Japanese, Spanish, French, Korean, and Portuguese, among other languages. He's given keynote addresses at the Cognitive Development Society, the International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development, the Japanese Psychological Association, the Eastern Psychological Association, and the Conference on Human Development over the last few years.

Professor Siegler was also an Associate Editor for the journal Developmental Psychology, co-edited the 2006 Handbook of Child Psychology's cognitive development volume, and served on the National Mathematics Advisory Panel from 2006 to 2008. Dr. Siegler was awarded the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award by the American Psychological Association in 2005.

The best-selling ebook How Children Develop 6th edition (ePub/PDF) has established itself as the topically organized textbook on child development that teachers and researchers rely on for the most up-to-date perspectives. The authors, each a well-known scientist and educator, have earned that trust by introducing core concepts and impactful discoveries in a style that is authoritative yet immediately understandable and relevant to students, with an unparalleled integration of cultural research, theory, and applications. The latest new and revised Sixth Edition has been thoroughly updated, and co-author Elizabeth Gershoff (University of Texas, Austin) brings a wealth of research and teaching experience to the discussions of social and emotional development. It’s also more interactive than ever, with deeper integration between the ebook and its interactive study features in LaunchPad (not included in this sale).

Siegler/Saffran/Eisenberg/Gershoff’s How Children Develop 6th Edition eBook

Additional ISBNs: 978-1319184568, 978-1319269005, 9781319300166, 9781319332570, 1319300162, 978-1319269029, 1319332579, 978-1319300166, 978-1319332570, 978-1319346362, 9781319346362, 1319346367, 9781319269562, 978-1319269562, 1319269567, 978-1319332518, 9781319332518, 131933251X, 1319346340, 978-1319346348, 9781319346348

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