Managing Organizational Change: A Practical Toolkit for Leaders – eBook

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  • Author: Helen Campbell
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  • Length: 353 Pages
  • Publisher: Kogan Page; 1st edition
  • Publication Date: May 3, 2014
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0749470836, 0749470844
  • ISBN-13: 9780749470838, 9780749470845

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Helen Campbell

A crucial area of competitive advantage is the organisations’ ability to lead instead of following changes in the market. This means having the capability to roll out the right changes quickly and reliably in a manner that delivers a return on investment. Managing Organizational Change (PDF) brings together all the different functions and roles within an organization that a leader has to manage effectively to make sure successful and maintainable organizational change. Focused around the Cycle of Change Model, it offers a practical yet reflective outline of the four things you have to have (capacity, culture, commitment, and capability) and the six things you have to do (direct, drive, deliver, propagate, prepare, and profit). It describes which kind of resources you need to attain long-term change, which roles, tasks, and activities need to be in place, and crucially, how to lead during a time of great restlessness.

Managing Organizational Change: A Practical Toolkit for Leaders will help you provide better outcomes, reflect on what your organization needs to do better, and make sure change is embedded throughout your organization.


This ebook is a vital guide to navigating the difficult and challenging topic of organizational change. Managing Organizational Change is a no-nonsense method that challenges leaders to think through what it takes to transform their business; to forecast and drive beyond the lip service to change that change managers often face. It provides an easy to follow and clear framework, richly shown by case studies and examples that lead you through the organizational change process.” — Ira Blake, author of Project Managing Change, co-lead of the Change Management Institute UK

Having a good strategy is only one element in gaining a competitive advantage.  Understanding how to handle the resulting change in your company is equally important.  These convenient tools will assist experienced leaders looking for concepts to jump-start their change initiatives and those starting to build changeability for the first time.  In the same way that other landmark ebooks have turned out to be a timeless resource for managers, this ebook will become the guide for leaders to assess and build change capability in their organizations.” — Caroline Perkins, President, Change Management Institute

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