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Remote Education at the University: Pros and Cons

Remote Education at the University - Pros and Cons

Pre-COVID, schools offered online degrees to help learners maintain some sort of balance between work and education. Still, it was an option – catching on slowly, but still, just an option since most people favored an on-campus university education to this model.  The pandemic changed things completely, making it so that students no longer have the choice if they want to keep studying. Distance learning is the new normal, and it’s here to while from the look of things.   Is that a bad thing? Not entirely, since technology has improved so much these days. A student has access to...

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6 Tips To Help Make Remote Learning More Effective

Six Tips To Help Make Remote Learning More Effective

Remote learning is similar to regular learning in many ways. It needs checking that you understood the subject matter, reviewing your essays and assignments for clarity, and asking as many questions of the teacher as you can. However, remote learning has its own set of unique challenges, caused by the added dimension of distance.  Tables of Contents   Daily Routine   Focus   EdTech   Efficiency   Collaborate   Asking for help   Conclusion   Author's Bio Most students are used to learning in a classroom, even in schools that are tech-savvy, and employ a blended approach to teaching. With...

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